Choose a viewing solution to suit your home, style and budget.

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LED, LCD or Plasma TV's

Whatever your preference, we can supply and install the very latest flat screen TV's. Whether you want wall or table mounted we will ensure that your TV matches your room design and decor. Selected leading brands and screen sizes available.


Home Cinema

Customview can supply all types of home cinema solutions to suit all budgets. From tastefully integrated entertainment systems right up to a dedicated home cinema incorporating a large projection screen and sophisticated 'wrap around' audio.


Decoder Boxes and Sky Cards

We supply a full range of decoder boxes, from a basic Freesat to more sophisticated Sky+HD models, incorporating live TV pausing, replay and programme recording. You can view all of the great Sports and Movies that Sky has to offer, when you purchase a Skycard and Sky subscription.

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What do I need to know about LCD TVs?
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. A light behind the screen shines through the liquid crystal cells to build a picture. A good, low-cost LCD TV will still outperform some budget LED TVs. LCD screens are more energy efficient than a plasma TV but can't match the subtle colour balance.

What do I need to know about LED TVs?
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode They use the same basic technology as LCD, but using hundreds of little LEDs to light the screen. LED screens are usually brighter with better contrast than LCD versions but cheap ones can produce artificial looking colours. LED TVs are very thin - handy if you want to mount one on your wall.

What do I need to know about plasma TVs?
Plasma TVs use tiny gas cells sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Each cell emits ultraviolet light which strikes red, green and blue spots on the screen - these spots glow to build a picture. Plasma's tend to produce deep blacks, subtle colour balance and good viewing angles. They use considerably more energy than other types of TV - an LED TV will use around one third the energy of a plasma TV of the same screen size.